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When I was a young teen in Chicago in the early 90s, Michael Jordan was bigger than god.  And if god drove a car in 1990, it would be a black 512 TR, parked in the "employee lot" of Chicago stadium. It was a good time to live in Chicagoland.

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Ferrari Testarossa vs. Honda NSX

I love this old Japanese comparison video.  Skip straight to 3:24 for the highly entertaining sprint race! The NSX driver is pretty spectacular.

Hat tip to Rob


New Kavinsky video vs. Old Kavinsky video

Animation trumps live action some times...

I love the animated Dead Cruiser video with its plethora of allusions to all things 80's: Sega's Out Run, Risky Business, Terminator, Akira, Miami Vice, and much more all bundled into one visually splendid video.  Somehow, when they made the new Kavinsky video in live action, the cost of shooting a period car chase live action really limits the plot development, and it's a lot less interesting despite the pleasure of seeing a Testarossa in the flesh.  Also, the fact that the anemic Mustang cop car can even keep up with the Flat 12 Testarossa is sort of laughable...


Automobiliac Videos of the Week: 250 Testarossa hoonage on camera

Any Automobiliac worth his salt knows the Ferrari 250TR is one immensely valuable machine, commanding millions at any auction. But that doesn't seem to prevent some enthusiastic owners from having some good old "drive it like ya stole it" fun on public roads with these magnificent machines and their intoxication exhaust note!

I had one other video --the best of the bunch-- of a guy driving flat out on public roads like a true maniac, but sadly the guy pulled it off youtube before I could share with you. He's probably in jail now!

Fortunately someone cloned the video on youtube, but added some HORRIBLE music over that V-12 symphony! Still, the video is a must-watch!