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Which do we prefer?

I have been toying with the idea of repainting my GTV6 ever since I got it!  Those who have seen it in person can attest to the fact that the paint is...to use the technical term--fucked. I keep debating between keeping the gray rocker panel or going with a simpler cleaner look by eliminating the useless rub strip along the flank of the car. Or keep the rubs trip but still eliminate the gray. What do all of you out there in the internet think?


Video Analysis, anyone?

So here is a clip of my fastest lap:

Here is a lap where I was cleaner, took a better line through the left hander, but somehow was nearly a second slower?  Could tire temp have anything to do with this?  The fastest lap I ran was at the end of the session, but this lap was at the start.



Track Day moment of Zen

I had a brilliant day at Lime Rock on Monday. I hope to get the video up soon. Here's a shot from the video, coming out of the lefthander.


The Automobiliac's GTV6 on Petrolicious

So it may now be obvious given these two posts in a row, but the kind folks at Petrolicious visited NYC a few months back to do some shooting, so expect to see a lot of familiar cars and faces on that site very soon! Today, they posted an awesome series of photos that Josh Clason took of my very own GTV6 on the streets of DUMBO, Brooklyn. Click over for the full set and an excellent article!

Photo credit Josh Clason of Petrolicious.


Rollin on Ronals

I felt it was time to lavish a little attention on the GTV6. These new phone dial rims do the trick. Plus they are spaced out a little bit for an even better stance. Now to sort that fender rub at full lock...