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Automobiliac on Petrolicious!

I'm on Petrolicious this week with my Dino 208 GT4. Hope you enjoy the video! We had a lot of fun making it.


At Long Last

I had been looking to source the correct wheel for my 208 GT4 for months and had nearly given up. I spotted this slightly worn wheel on ebay Italy and snapped it up. When I got the wheel and cleaned it up, my hopes were dashed that it was actually a factory wheel for the GT4, even though it was the correct shape and color. It's date stamped 1983--they stopped making GT4's in 1980.  But there is a silver lining! There was a small faded something on the lower spoke that I thought was a scratch. In fact, it is a faded signature. The wheel is actually an uber rare Gilles Villeneuve Momo. Now I am just happy as hell to have it. And the patina sort of matches the car too. I just need to see to that one rough spot on the left upper rim, which is a bit chapped.


Spotted at Caffeine and Carburetors

I got spotted by Road and Track's Alex Nunez at the Caffeine and Carburetors event last weekend in New Canaan, CT!


"Routine" Maintenance

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.


First drive of the season

Finally blew the cobwebs out last week. What a glorious relief.