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W196 in the Green Hell

I love this shot for some reason. I love the idea of Schumacher and Rosberg driving these priceless machines around the Nurburgring. It's a shame that commercial realities pervented them wearing from proper period attire.


Video of the Week: Michael Fortunati and his Benz

Love this song and super period video featuring a 280SL complete with car phone. Also a wearable keyboard guitar and Don Johnson-style white suit over t-shirt complete the period look.


Automobiliac's top 10 racing engine sounds

For no reason, I decided to list my top 10 favorite racing engines.  These are my personal favorites. Please feel free to share your own in the comment thread!

1) Matra V-12: Sounds like the wrath of the gods.

2) Aston Martin Straight Six: Smooth, with a wonderful guttural undertone.

3) Alfa Romeo Jano Supercharged Inline 8: The closest man has come to making a machine that sounds like a living, breathing thing.

4) The Colombo Ferrari V12: Needs no introduction

 5) Mercedes V-12: Defined the era.

6) BRM V-16: Ill fated car, sounds like raw aggression.

7) Offenhauser Indy Roadsters: Spine-tingling and brutal.

8) Can Am V8s, Ford and Chevy: Iron fist of America, hell yeah.

9) Group B Rally cars: Hard to pick a favorite, but the Audi Inline 5 Turbo is probably the most unique and memorable.

10) Ferrari 412 F1: The last of the V-12 Ferrari F1 engines.



Santa's (Restoration) Workshop


Taken by Automobiliac during a most enjoyable visit at noted concours restoration shop Cooper Technica in Chicago, IL. Click through to read more about the cars they are currently working on.


Silver Arrows at Goodwood

The goodness just keeps on coming from my Goodwood Revival photo archive!  Enjoy the full gallery of Silver Arrows photos, from the period paddock to the on-track demonstration laps.  Note the ace driver lineup at the wheel of these machines! Click HERE for the full Gallery!