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Automobiliac's top 10 racing engine sounds

For no reason, I decided to list my top 10 favorite racing engines.  These are my personal favorites. Please feel free to share your own in the comment thread!

1) Matra V-12: Sounds like the wrath of the gods.

2) Aston Martin Straight Six: Smooth, with a wonderful guttural undertone.

3) Alfa Romeo Jano Supercharged Inline 8: The closest man has come to making a machine that sounds like a living, breathing thing.

4) The Colombo Ferrari V12: Needs no introduction

 5) Mercedes V-12: Defined the era.

6) BRM V-16: Ill fated car, sounds like raw aggression.

7) Offenhauser Indy Roadsters: Spine-tingling and brutal.

8) Can Am V8s, Ford and Chevy: Iron fist of America, hell yeah.

9) Group B Rally cars: Hard to pick a favorite, but the Audi Inline 5 Turbo is probably the most unique and memorable.

10) Ferrari 412 F1: The last of the V-12 Ferrari F1 engines.



Watch an entire Triumph Spitfire engine rebuild -- in time lapse stop motion!

Hats off to the patient man that made this video!

via The Chicane


Quite a model kit! The XKE Series III V-12 revealed!

The engine bay of a Series III V-12 E-type is of Byzantine complexity. But when you lay all the parts out like this, it looks like child's play doesn't it? That's because none of the crazy wiring and plumbing is present! I loved this photo, taken by Photographer Mike Dean at "The Sports Car Shop" in Eugene, OR.

Click here to see more extensive photosets of this remarkable E-type's full resto.

Via "The Chicane" hat tip to commenter Dan Crouch for the additional info!  Image Credit: Mike Dean