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Anyone have 100 Grand I can borrow?

My favorite Mangusta race car, profiled a while back on Automobiliac is suddenly available on ebay!  I want it so badly.

Check it out HERE

Hat tip to Syed.


Pantera Moment of Zen

I would.  Would you?


Concorso Italiano 2011

Concorso Italiano, which was begun in the early 1990s, has become one of the top events in the Pebble Beach weekend. Compared to the rarified air at the Quail and Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance, the Concorso feels a lot more inclusive and down to Earth.  Its physical location is a lot closer to Laguna Seca than Carmel, and this is fitting as the event seems to straddle the line between the hardcore gearheads and the straw hat and blazer types. It feels more like a typical regional car show where owners sit by their cars (most actually drive their cars in rather than trailering them!) and chat and have a good time. Unlike a regional show, however, the scale of the Concorso is huge, and the array of machinery on display is a vast survey of mostly postwar Italian vehicles. And true to the inclusive spirit of the show, they even added a category for non-Italian cars!  We had a great time at the Concorso, which has the cars well organized by marque and model. It's really cool, for example, to see a perfectly aligned row of Maserati Boras or DeTomaso Panteras. These are cars that you'd be lucky to see once in a blue moon on the street, yet at the Concorso, you get to see a whole family reunion.  It's just fantastic. In addition to the more common Italian cars, there is all sorts of wonderful, obscure stuff in attendance. Have you ever seen an Intermeccanica, for example?? How about an Iso Lele? I certainly saw a few cars I had absolutely never laid eyes on before, so the show was very educational. Click HERE for the 2 page Mega Gallery!


Mangusta Love

This lovely example was on ebay a while back, and was so hot I had to save the pics. I don't think I have seen a better looking color combo on this car than black with the gold rims.  I'm not a fan of aftermarket hoods, but in this case, I think the extra "power bulge" on this car's front adds a certain aggressiveness even beyond the stock appearance. I wish I had been in a position to purchase this car. Which reminds me, please click on my google ads!!


Mangusta Racecars: All kinds of hotness...

As many readers know, only a paltry sum of 402 De Tomaso Mangustas were ever produced, so that makes racing Mangustas even more hyper-rare -- especially when compared to their more populous Pantera brethren who raced in various forms for many years. In fact I would wager that the 4 racing Mangustas in this article might just be the only ones ever to turn a wheel in anger. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!).  What a pity they are so scarce, because these race-prepped Mangustas are some of the meanest, hairiest looking racecars I have ever seen. Click the pics to link to the full gallery!

Photos via: conceptcarz.net, alfabb, Flickr user CJCAM