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The Automobiliac's GTV6 on Petrolicious

So it may now be obvious given these two posts in a row, but the kind folks at Petrolicious visited NYC a few months back to do some shooting, so expect to see a lot of familiar cars and faces on that site very soon! Today, they posted an awesome series of photos that Josh Clason took of my very own GTV6 on the streets of DUMBO, Brooklyn. Click over for the full set and an excellent article!

Photo credit Josh Clason of Petrolicious.


Rollin on Ronals

I felt it was time to lavish a little attention on the GTV6. These new phone dial rims do the trick. Plus they are spaced out a little bit for an even better stance. Now to sort that fender rub at full lock...


Brooklyn Celica

A surprisingly minty Celica on the steet in Park Slope.  Great period color.


Baja Bug on the loose in Brooklyn

My dear friend Raphael, of Jalopnik fame, has recently acquired a rather unique vehicle for himself.  Despite the fact that we are located about 3,000 miles from the Baja Peninsula, my friend decided that a Baja bug was just what the doctor ordered to conquer the concrete jungle of NYC.When the car shattered the saturday afternoon tranquility of my otherwise sleepy street, sounding like an out of tune 70s motorcycle with no muffler, I was surprised how much I liked it. When we took it down to Red Hook's deserted streets, and I actually got behind the wheel, I was even more blown away by the bug's charms.  It was surprisingly easy to drive, despite having a roller ball instead of a gas pedal.  The 8 ball shift knob was a tad large for my dainty hand, but the synchros were really good, and the Bug pulled cleanly away in every gear with nary a crunch.  And despite probably having less than 75 hp, the car moves!  In the confined streets of NYC, it has more than enough power to get the job done, and the raucous exhaust note leaves no doubt that the Bug means business!

The upgraded suspension really soaks up the nastiest potholes making for a delightfully compliant ride that you really wouldn't expect from this Panzerwagen.The Baja bug is really like a big, deranged go kart. I was grinning from ear to ear.  It also has a real presence about it. People stop and stare and smile and wave. It's a fine line between menacing and absurd/cute.  Like an evil pokemon let loose on the street.  The '59 Caddy tail lights are really the coup de grace. Click HERE for the full gallery!


Honda vs. Sandy: Honda FTW

This Accord seems remarkably unfazed by the massive tree trunk that landed upon it with a sickening crash last night.  I snapped this photo this morning about a block from my house.  We're safe and sound here at Automobiliac HQ, but some folks are definitely having some bad luck in other parts of the city.