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The Automobiliac goes racing at last!

After dreaming of being a vintage racer since age 11 or so, I finally have managed, at 33, to live that dream!  I will be posting more photos of the car in the near future, but for now please enjoy my best lap from my inaugural VSCCA race at Lime Rock Park!

I know there is much work to be done to get my lap time from the low 1:12s into the 1:09 territory, but hopefully as I learn the car more and more I will be getting closer and closer to the limit.



HRE 308 GT4

These photos were taken at Lime Rock in the late 80s, and posted recently on FerrariChat. Not much is known about this car or who built it. I find the air dam treatment makes the car look a lot like a BMW M1 or Lotus Esprit. The back treatment is rather cool, I must admit. Note the car bears Euro bumpers. Some delicious machinery is visible in the background implying a Ferrari Club track day.


Giulietta Dog Fight at Lime Rock vol. 2

Our intrepid mechanic and friend Santo Spadaro posted this great onboard of him and the other Alfa Giuliettas dicing at the Lime Rock historics this weekend. I am still going through all my photos, but we'll have a gallery up very soon! In the meantime, turn up the volume and enjoy!


Track Day moment of Zen

I had a brilliant day at Lime Rock on Monday. I hope to get the video up soon. Here's a shot from the video, coming out of the lefthander.


Lotus Europa - Love it or hate it?

I've long been smitten by the Lotus Europa.  In fact, I have a strong suspicion that my first vintage race car --if I am financially blessed to have ANY race car some day-- will probably be a Europa.  I love how incredibly low they are, and the flares just add another level of cool.  Chapman's genius for chassis engineering and use of fiberglass really shows in this peculiar car, and they are still relatively affordable and cheap to run. 

However, I know I am in a small club who likes the Europa, and many consider it to be weird and ungainly.  Let's hear from you, fellow Automobiliacs!  Love it or hate it?  And please say why you think so!