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And now your Alfa Romeo Moment of Zen

Or more like 3 minutes of zen.  HVR, is a custom restoration shop in Australia, who have crafted this breathtaking recreation of a 1939 6C 2300 MM.  I don't know if the car is based on a real period chassis and engine, or if it is 100% re-creation. But the result is undeniably spectacular, and HVR's artisans deserve a round of applause.

See their facebook build journal HERE


Lost in a Reverie at the Museo Nicolis

Somewhere off the highway between Verona and Mantova, there is a museum that is a must for any car lover visiting the Veneto region of Italy. The Nicolis museum celebrates the legacy of collector Luciano Nicolis, who passed away a few years ago leaving behind an amazing and diverse collection of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and machinery, as well as ephemera and even period clothing from the 20th century.

The Museo Nicolis is multiple floors of beautifully presented Lancias, Alfas, Maseratis and more, contextualized amid design objects and costumes that would have been used by their wealthy owners. Perhaps the crown jewels of the collection are the ex-Eva Peron Maserati A6 1500 coupe Pininfarina, and the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8, which was used as a display model to sell these sumptuous cars in the States.For Lancisti, this is probably one of the finer collections you could hope to see of pre-1970 Lancias. The most special Lancia would be the Astura that is still run in the classic Mille Miglia by the children of Mr. Nicolis.

There are also plenty of obscure Etceterini, and interestign one-offs and customs to dazzle the eye. Another incredible object on display is the Vanderbilt Cup, on loan from the Alfa Romeo museum. Produced by Cartier, It may be the finest trophy I have ever laid eyes on. Just two names are engraved on its base: those of Bernd Rosemeyer and local Mantovan hero Tazio Nuvolari.Have a look through the full gallery of the museum HERE.


Giulietta Dog Fight at Lime Rock vol. 2

Our intrepid mechanic and friend Santo Spadaro posted this great onboard of him and the other Alfa Giuliettas dicing at the Lime Rock historics this weekend. I am still going through all my photos, but we'll have a gallery up very soon! In the meantime, turn up the volume and enjoy!


Can you ever have too much piping?

I am a big fan of contrast piping on 1950s cars. I happen to think this looks fanatastic. But is there a point at which it starts to look like a birthday cake?? This blue over blue example strikes me as the perfect balance. But would we feel that way if it was red with white?PS sorry for the radio silence! I was away in Italy. I have some great new photosets in the works!


Which do we prefer?

I have been toying with the idea of repainting my GTV6 ever since I got it!  Those who have seen it in person can attest to the fact that the paint is...to use the technical term--fucked. I keep debating between keeping the gray rocker panel or going with a simpler cleaner look by eliminating the useless rub strip along the flank of the car. Or keep the rubs trip but still eliminate the gray. What do all of you out there in the internet think?