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Weekend Watching: Tour de Corse Historique in 3 parts

This well-made 20 minute documentary has some fantastic footage from the 2008 Tour de Corse Historique rally.  The footage is a well edited combination of in-car and roadside camerawork, along with French language interviews with a very jolly group of drivers.  If you love Alpines, 911s and other vintage rally machines, this is a must-watch. It's incredible how bad these Corsican backroads are, and the occasional presence of animals on the course gives us a real step back in time to the days of the Targa Florio and other road races from when these cars (and many of the drivers too!) were young.


Monday Morning Moment of Zen

Porsches awaiting completion. DUMBO, Brooklyn


East Village Carrera

I was shambling out from the Ukranian restaurant on 2nd Ave, belly full of pierogis, and there it was...


Automotive Foreplay, starring Michael Caine and his Montreal

That's the only way to describe this playful chase between a dashing Michael Caine in his Alfa Montreal and his strikingly beautiful ladyfriend in her Yellow Porsche. The early 70s was an awesome time for motoring, no?

An excerpt from the film "The Marseille Contract"- 1974.


Summer is over Moment of Zen

The summer concours season is at an end, but at least there is the fall driving season. May each of you enjoy some colorful drives this fall.