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Demonstration Day at the Simeone Foundation -- Gallery

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we checked out the "People's Choice" Demonstration day over at the Simeone Foundation in Philadelphia.  They had the 250TR, the 917, and the GT40 opened up for all to see, and they took the Corvette Grand Sport and Shelby Daytona Coupe outside for a spin! There was a great enthusiast crowd, and Dr. Simeone gave a very informative lecture about the cars beforehand. For anyone on the East Coast who hasn't been over to see this collection, you really need to go. Now. The cars are not only top notch in curation and originality, but almost all of them have some significant provenance. Case in point: There are were only 6 Shelby Daytona Coupes built. Simeone has one of them. But this is the ONLY one that was actually built by Shelby in the USA. The other 5 were made in Italy to save time and money.  See what I mean?

Click the photo below for the entire gallery.  I shot these on my cel phone, so the quality isn't up to my usual standard!

This image taken from the foundation website: http://simeonemuseum.org/


Grand Sport Moment of Zen

Just paid a visit to the Simeone Foundation Museum's "People's Choice" Demonstration Day.  The Corvette Grand Sport sounded sublime. The real showstopper was the Shelby Daytona Coupe, however. More pics to come.


Black Vette

Spied in a Brooklyn parking garage.


Sunday Vette Moment of Zen

What a perfect Sunday it was here in Brooklyn!  Snapped a photo of this gentleman putting away his beautful Corvette after what must have been an enjoyable Sunday drive. I want a coach house with garage so bad it hurts!


RIP Dennis Hopper - King of the Mountain

I recall seeing this bizarre clip on Bulgogi Brothers, which is a great car blog, a few months back.  I thought it fitting to share it with you in memory of the late Dennis Hopper.  Here, he plays what can only described as the most maniacal Corvette driver I have ever seen.  The movie is a 1981 car flick called "King of the Mountain."