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Automobiliac on Petrolicious!

I'm on Petrolicious this week with my Dino 208 GT4. Hope you enjoy the video! We had a lot of fun making it.


Saturday Caravan

Had a great time with some new friends this Saturday.


Arnolt Bristol where it belongs

I really like the Arnolt Bristol.  Doubly so on a brisk fall day, when you have to wear leathers to drive it. And if you don't love it, consider if you will that had it not been for this car, there is a good chance Bertone would not have survived the early 1950s. I only wish it didn't sit so darned high, but that's the nature of the car.


Friday Moment of Zen

With a snow storm bearing down on NYC, my hope of driving the Dino in the near future dims yet again.

I made this little tribute to the "Italian Job" cobbled together from some experimental footage I took this fall on a flip cam.  I just ordered a new Contour HD cam that I hope to make some much more professional videos with in 2013!


Monday Moment of Zen

1961 Ferrari 250 GTE, photographed by David Traver Adolphus.  Click to enlarge.