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Hot Seat

How can a cockpit be so utilitarian and so stylish all at once?


Pitlane Casual

I wish F1 wasn't such a circus... a glimpse of a simpler time.


James Hunt: The Real Deal



"Rush" Trailer leaves me excited but a little dubious

I'm definitely still very excited about Ron Howard's new film about the 1976 F1 season. The footage in the trailer looks great. But I wish they had cast someone for James Hunt who looked less like a boy and more like a man--someone who has more edge and less pretty. Hunt was a handsome guy but when you look at him in photos, he's a wolf...that doesn't come through here.

The CGI looks good, but I sort of feel like there are a few too many "video game" angles that actually take me out of it. I wish they would have just made some simple replica cars and staged a real accident with radio control as they did in "Le Mans" in 1971. It would look better than any CGI...

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Monaco Moment of Zen


Ferrari V8 power. World Champion, 1964.Original 1964 color photo from the Automobiliac Photo Archive.