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Video of the Week: Simon Kidston's nostalgic flight into memory

For a closet anglophile like me, this video is pure porn. I think Simon Kidston may be the best dressed man in the whole classic car world. Here, he takes us on a nostalgic ride through his own family heritage.

Full Throttle | A Blast From The Past from Kidston.TV on Vimeo.


"Rush" Trailer leaves me excited but a little dubious

I'm definitely still very excited about Ron Howard's new film about the 1976 F1 season. The footage in the trailer looks great. But I wish they had cast someone for James Hunt who looked less like a boy and more like a man--someone who has more edge and less pretty. Hunt was a handsome guy but when you look at him in photos, he's a wolf...that doesn't come through here.

The CGI looks good, but I sort of feel like there are a few too many "video game" angles that actually take me out of it. I wish they would have just made some simple replica cars and staged a real accident with radio control as they did in "Le Mans" in 1971. It would look better than any CGI...

via The Chicane


The Black Moon can be yours!

Over the summer, I shared a video featuring Linda Hamilton piloting the "Black Moon" sports car in the forgotten film "Black Moon Rising".  This fictitious vehicle was actually a real car known as the Wingho Concordia II.  The car has surfaced on ebay, where it is available in very complete looking condition for a BIN of only $15,000 USD.

As a movie car, it isn't very famous, but I love the fact that it is essentially a drivable "copy" of the Ferrari 512 Modulo by Pininfarina.  For a one of a kind, hand-built dream car with Hollywood provenance, I would say $15,000 represents a fair price, or even a bargain.  It appears the car is based on a VW platform.  If you buy this car, expect a visit from me for a ride in it.

Check out the auction HERE

hat tip to David for letting us know!


Black Moon Pursuit!

Here's a fun video featuring music by Electric Youth, over scenes from the 1986 film "Black Moon Rising."  The sports car piloted by Linda Hamilton in the video is a supercar protoype called the Black Moon--which was actually a one-off Canadian-built car called the Wingho Concordia II. The space-like design appears to be based heavily on the Pininfarina Modulo concept car from 1970. I think the Concordia II was probably built on a Firebird chassis or some other domestic platform.


Getting Excited for the Ron Howard's new film!

For months now, we've been catching snippets and clips of on-set footage and information about Ron Howard's new film "Rush," based on the 1976 F1 season, and focusing on the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. I've been pretty excited about it for some time, and I got even more hopeful that the movie will be a success when I saw the following preview over at Motorsport Retro.

I'm particularly heartened by the fact that they seem to have staged a lot of driving shots at speed, and I am dearly hoping that they don't overly rely on CG to the detriment of the believability of the movie.  Let's hope this film is the best racing movie since Le Mans, back in 1971.  It's really about time we racing nuts had another film to embrace and share with our friends.