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Object of Desire: FIAT 500 Giardiniera

I really hope to acquire one of these as an Autodromo "delivery van" some day.


Montreal FIAT

Even in its semi-ragged state, the clean Tom Tjaarda-penned lines of the FIAT 124 are really classic. In later years they seem to be victims of their former popularity. Too cheap to maintain properly, too common to restore.  But in fairness, it's really great design to look upon.


Crowded Lot 

If only sights like this weren't so rare.


Wrong Wheel Drive

This made me laugh.


Addio Lancia

I take a small amount of melancholy comfort to hear that Lancia will be discontinued, according to a teleconference given by Sergio Marchionne today. The indignities it was forced to suffer over the past 10 years or more were greater and greater with each passing year of mismanagement.  When the final lineup of rebadged Chryslers was unveiled, it was a bridge too far.  Lancia will now join the all time great nameplates in the pantheon of disappeared grands marques.  It will be where it belongs, in the company of Duesenberg, Packard, Cord, Auburn, Delahaye, and yes even Pontiac.  Let's hope maybe someday the name will be revived and stand once again for technological innovation and beautiful Italian design.  Until then, let's try to forget its sad decline and remember the halcyon days of Lancia's remarkable racing history and their achingly beautiful road cars of the midcentury years.