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Truth is better than cinema

I watched Rush for a second time over my holiday vacation. And I have to say, nothing beats the actual race footage from the Japanese GP, 1976:


Yakuza Lamborghini Gang

All I can say is, just watch this full screen with the volume up. It's worth your time.


Ferrari Testarossa vs. Honda NSX

I love this old Japanese comparison video.  Skip straight to 3:24 for the highly entertaining sprint race! The NSX driver is pretty spectacular.

Hat tip to Rob


Motorimoda: Shangri-La of stylish car and bike gear

For anyone planing a trip to Japan in the near future, I highly recommend you pay a visit to our friends at Motorimoda! It's a very unique shop for discerning car and motorcycle enthusiasts with a sense of style. They have 3 locations: One in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district, one in Nagoya, and one in Kobe. The Kobe store, which just opened, is shown below.  I first learned of Motorimoda when I saw their ad in a Japanese Rally magazine. They carry all of that impossible to find Martini Racing merchandise and a lot of other cool clothing and gear I have never seen anywhere else!  I'm pleased to say that they are now stocking Autodromo Watches as well! So for any readers in Japan, go check out the shop, and have a look at our watches in person! Or visit Motorimoda Online.


Tokyu H2 Blingu

I find the Hummer H2 to be the most loathesome example of American excess and stupidity, but when seen in this Tokyo garage, jacked up to within an inch of the ceiling, it becomes a sublimely ridiculous autobot, crouching in the shadows waiting for the next decepticon attack.

You have to love the chutzpah of this owner, buying a truck that literally can't fit down most of the side streets in Tokyo, and guzzles gas like a mechanical Godzilla. The addition of the winch --which I am sure has never been used-- is the cherry on top. Sure, the H2 a refreshing middle finger to stifling Japanese conformity, but one wonders if the joke might just be on the owner here...