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Ferrari Testarossa vs. Honda NSX

I love this old Japanese comparison video.  Skip straight to 3:24 for the highly entertaining sprint race! The NSX driver is pretty spectacular.

Hat tip to Rob


Honda vs. Sandy: Honda FTW

This Accord seems remarkably unfazed by the massive tree trunk that landed upon it with a sickening crash last night.  I snapped this photo this morning about a block from my house.  We're safe and sound here at Automobiliac HQ, but some folks are definitely having some bad luck in other parts of the city.


Frog Design's Rana Motorcycle Concept: A Vision of Future Past.

If anything is proof of the cyclical nature of design and taste, the 1985 Frog Design FZ750 Concept, penned by the firm's founder Hartmut Esslinger for Yamaha, is a great example. The bike's styling and color scheme is incredibly dated. Yet time has been kind to the design, which has great proportions and a sleek, geometric style that still seems futuristic despite its clear early 1980s provenance.

The original prototype was created for Yamaha and was never produced, but Honda saw the published design and used it as inspiration for their Hurricane sport bike.  The prototype is now entering SFMOMA's permanent collection.  More info at Frog's blog HERE.

via FastCoDesign