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When we were young: Hooning Ferrari GTOs in the late 60s

A former GTO owner takes us on an intimate trip down memory lane as we watch some old Super 8 footage of him and his friends with their GTO Ferraris back when they were just used cars to play around with.  Oh to be a 19 year old in 1969 with my very own GTO!  The car belonging to the narrator is now in the collection of Ralph Lauren.  Here we get a glimpse of its wilder youth!  The part where they are painting the 250 GT California matte black is just outstanding. The footage is just perfect. In today's world of hipstomatic and After Effects filters, it's great to see real Super 8 footage that captures the time pefectly.


Phil Hill's racing photographs due out in a new book!

I for one am quite excited to learn that Phil Hill's personal collection of racing photographs, taken on his trusty Leica, are currently being compiled into an upcoming book entitled "Inside Track" by his son Derek, photographer Steve Dawson, and renowned historian Doug Nye.  Here's a brief video produced by Leica promoting the upcoming book.  One of my favorite shots is at 4:05 showing a trophy surrounded by stacks of prize money.

More info about the book at Phil Hill's official web site. You can sign up on thier mailing list to be notified when the book is out!

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Silver Arrow domination: Grand Prix 1937

This wonderful video, posted by our friend Harlo over at the Chicane, is crammed with incredible footage of the 1937 Grand Prix season.  These images bear witness to the incredible talent and toughness of the drivers of those days. More akin to fighter pilots than the cosseted celebrity athletes of today, there is no doubt these were real men taming incredibly advanced machines.


Monaco Moment of Zen

All in a day's work for this intrepid gendarme.


Elf Scan 11: Jack Brabham

Compared to the young, budding, and mostly French talent on the Matra-Elf team, Jack Brabham was a very seasoned old hand in 1970.  The former F1 champ partnered with Francois Cevert as well as Pescarolo, Beltoise, and Servoz-Gavin, in long distance sports car racing for Matra. The results were less than spectacular.