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Lotus Europa - Love it or hate it?

I've long been smitten by the Lotus Europa.  In fact, I have a strong suspicion that my first vintage race car --if I am financially blessed to have ANY race car some day-- will probably be a Europa.  I love how incredibly low they are, and the flares just add another level of cool.  Chapman's genius for chassis engineering and use of fiberglass really shows in this peculiar car, and they are still relatively affordable and cheap to run. 

However, I know I am in a small club who likes the Europa, and many consider it to be weird and ungainly.  Let's hear from you, fellow Automobiliacs!  Love it or hate it?  And please say why you think so!


Seppi dons his gauntlets

I'd love a pair of these Les Leston gloves!  Jo Siffert, 1968, Rob Walker Lotus 49B.


Video of the Week: Alfa vs. Lotus at Cadwell Park

Cadwell Park, for those who haven't heard of it, is one of the finest club circuits in England. I for one would love to drive there some day. Enjoy this awesome video, taken from the Alfa driver's point of view as he chases a Lotus Europa all over the track. The audio is worth cranking to the max. A pure mechanical symphony!  This is why you don't use a go-pro, friends. You'll NEVER get audio like this!


Autodromo Moment of Zen

Hurtling through the French countryside in a Lotus 11, with a Vallelunga Chronograph on your wrist. What could be better?

Click for super high res!

Photo by Amaury Laparra, courtesy Autodromo - Instruments for Motoring


Video of the Week: Brass Balls at Bathurst

I've seen a lot of great in-car videos, but this one really takes my breath away. Watch as Ozzie auto journalist Dean Evans cuts through traffic in this single-make Lotus Elise race at Australia's Mount Panorama Circuit. It's remarkable how tightly packed the cars are, yet nobody seems to touch, even at 4 abreast into a corner!  Evans manages to knife his way through the dense and frenzied traffic from mid-pack to the lead --in less than one lap! 

Check out the epic triple-overtake under braking, on the outside of one of circuit's hairiest corners at 1:42. Truly brass balls.