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Porsche 918 Spyder breaks the lap record at the Ring!

There is a lot of exciting auto news from Frankfurt this week, including the sensational BMW i8 launch. But this video of the new production car record lap at the ring really brings home just how far road cars have come in 30 years. This kind of performance is basically at Formula 1 car levels of the 1980s. And this is a beautiful car (admittedly an expensive one) that anyone can just go out and buy! It really boggles the mind. Kudos to Porsche and also to Mark Lieb, who offers a master class in clean, precise driving here.


Studying the Competition

Carlo Chiti, head of Autodelta, gesticulates next to an amazing shelf of wind tunnel models related to the development of the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33.  Only please notice that the model just next to his left hand is clearly that of a Porsche 908/03 Spider.  Evidently, they were studying the competition very closely! Sadly the true nemesis of the Tipo 33 turned out to be the Ferrari 312 PB, which proved more reliable than the Alfa.

Hat tip to Off Camber for the photo


Porsche: In Detail

Photographer, designer, and friend Max Schlachter was kind enough to share with us some really cool photos he took recently at an exhibiton organized by a local exotic car dealer in his hometown. He got some really great detail shots of some vintage Porsches! Click the pics below to see the entire gallery.


Automobiliac at the Deutsche Classic!

Longtime readers know we love our Italian cars over here at Automobiliac, but vintage German machinery can also be ever so cool. There was plenty of it on display at this weekend's Deutsche Classic German car show in Fleetwood, PA.  The weather was fantastic and the drive out from the city was about 2 hours of rolling countryside.  The show was roughly evenly divided between classic BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and VW, with a smattering of Opel GTs and other unique vehicles for good measure.In addition to the beautiful cars on display, there was a small swap meet area with vendors selling all manner of replacement parts for German cars.  My personal highlights of the day were a pristine BMW 3.0 CS (The owner seemed less than interested when I told him his car was my favorite at the show...) and a really cool Porsche RSK.  There was also a gorgeous Mercedes 300SL gullwing in attendance, and Herbie the Love Bug also made an appearance. Click any of the photos to see my entire gallery of the swap meet and car show!


What I'd rather be doing right now...

Man I wish I was doing this right now...