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Brian Redman shows us the Targa Florio in a 914-6

Just found this great period footage of Brian Redman giving a practice tour of the Targa Florio in 1970. You have to love the way he threads his way through the village traffic.



Porsche 918 Spyder breaks the lap record at the Ring!

There is a lot of exciting auto news from Frankfurt this week, including the sensational BMW i8 launch. But this video of the new production car record lap at the ring really brings home just how far road cars have come in 30 years. This kind of performance is basically at Formula 1 car levels of the 1980s. And this is a beautiful car (admittedly an expensive one) that anyone can just go out and buy! It really boggles the mind. Kudos to Porsche and also to Mark Lieb, who offers a master class in clean, precise driving here.


Giulietta Dog Fight at Lime Rock vol. 2

Our intrepid mechanic and friend Santo Spadaro posted this great onboard of him and the other Alfa Giuliettas dicing at the Lime Rock historics this weekend. I am still going through all my photos, but we'll have a gallery up very soon! In the meantime, turn up the volume and enjoy!


Weekend Watching

This wonderfully entertaining video shows teamwork at its finest.


Video Analysis, anyone?

So here is a clip of my fastest lap:

Here is a lap where I was cleaner, took a better line through the left hander, but somehow was nearly a second slower?  Could tire temp have anything to do with this?  The fastest lap I ran was at the end of the session, but this lap was at the start.