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Automobiliac Turns 4!

When I started writing this blog 4 years ago, I did it out of a deep frustration. I felt like I had no outlet to share my passion for cars with others. Living in New York City, it wasn't exactly easy to seek out other car-crazy people to be friends with.  I thought by starting a website, it might help me reach an audience of like-minded individuals all over the world. And I was right!  The past 4 years have been incredibly rewarding. Even though the site remains a hobby rather than a vocation, I feel very fortunate that I have made countless new friends in NYC and around the world--some of them now very dear--thanks to starting this site. Over these 4 years, I went from having adventures in one wonderful Italian car to owning three (more on that later), and have brought you my original images from car events across the world and written over 550 posts.

But there have been other changes in my life as well. When I began Automobiliac I was working in a design office, posting articles on coffee break or between meetings to have some fun at my desk. Like many bloggers, I found my site was a welcome distraction from my day job and allowed me to think about cars when I wasn't "supposed to."

But 2 years ago I started my own company and now I get to think about cars ALL THE TIME as part of my job!  If you weren't aware til this point, I started and run the company Autodromo, which makes watches and other accessories inspired by vintage motoring. And just like Automobiliac, this new venture has opened countless doors in the classic car world and ushered in many more new friends.

However the responsibilities of running my company have grown to the point where it is hard for me to post here as often as I'd like. And the fact that I can now think about cars all the time means that Automobiliac as a "release valve" for all my car related thoughts has ceased to be as critical. I have considered closing the site down, but in the end I have decided to continue forward. I won't be posting as often as I used to, but I promise there will be some great stuff to come this summer as I begin my first season of vintage racing with my recently acquired '59 Giulietta Spider Veloce race car (photos to come when we get her sorted out!) So please do keep coming to visit and I hope to have a few posts a month at very least that will be worth your time.

I just want to thank all of you for reading this site and for your comments, your submissions, your friendship and your encouragement over the past 4 years. It has been a great journey.

Lastly, if you want more frequent Automobiliac goodness, do follow my Autodromo instagram @Autodromomedia. There are a ton of great photos of cars and watches, and new ones nearly every day.


Bradley Price (the automobiliac)



Introducing the Vic Elford Edition Prototipo Chronograph

Our latest design at Autodromo is the all-new Prototipo Chronograph, inspired by racing watches of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The centerpiece of the collection is the Vic Elford Edition, limited to 224 numbered pieces with a booklet signed by Quick Vic himself! The color scheme of the watch is inspired by the paintwork on Elford's Porsche 907 with which he dominated the 1968 Targa Florio, winning by 3 minutes and 42 seconds, even after losing nearly 19 minutes due to wheel nuts coming lose and then a flat tire! He set multiple lap records in the process.

Head over to www.autodromo.com for full details and specs! The Prototipo is also available in white dial and black dial.

The caseback of the Vic Elford bears a map of the Targa Florio circuit, as well as Elford's record practice lap and even faster record race lap!


Autodromo Driving Gloves are here!

It took a while, but we finally got these lovely stringback gloves done!  You can order a pair right now at www.autodromo.com

Priced at 110 USD per pair!


Follow us on Instagram!

Although officially this is Autodromo's instagram feed, it's basically nonstop cars and watches through my own eyes, so consider it Automobiliac's official instagram as well! Follow us HERE


Two part interview with the Automobiliac on Megadeluxe

If you can stomach listening to me talking about cars and my watch company for two 28 minute segments, please have a listen!

Wes Garcia over at Megadeluxe was kind enough to interview me for his most excellent site!  Definitely book mark it, as he posts some amazing stuff all the time!

Part one of the interview is about my personal cars and car design. The first 5 minutes are skippable but then it gets rolling!

Part two is about how I went about starting the watch company, and some other tangents!