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Automobiliac's top 10 racing engine sounds

For no reason, I decided to list my top 10 favorite racing engines.  These are my personal favorites. Please feel free to share your own in the comment thread!

1) Matra V-12: Sounds like the wrath of the gods.

2) Aston Martin Straight Six: Smooth, with a wonderful guttural undertone.

3) Alfa Romeo Jano Supercharged Inline 8: The closest man has come to making a machine that sounds like a living, breathing thing.

4) The Colombo Ferrari V12: Needs no introduction

 5) Mercedes V-12: Defined the era.

6) BRM V-16: Ill fated car, sounds like raw aggression.

7) Offenhauser Indy Roadsters: Spine-tingling and brutal.

8) Can Am V8s, Ford and Chevy: Iron fist of America, hell yeah.

9) Group B Rally cars: Hard to pick a favorite, but the Audi Inline 5 Turbo is probably the most unique and memorable.

10) Ferrari 412 F1: The last of the V-12 Ferrari F1 engines.



New York: City of Contrasts

I wish I had gotten a better photo of this amusing juxtaposition.


Long Island Lagonda

Attended the show at the Americana Manhasset mall this weekend. This Lagonda in the parking lot may have just been the highlight for me. The fact it was parked next to an older Camry was icing on the cake.


Tokyo Street Sightings and bonus Mystery Car!

Overall, I found Hong Kong to be more of a prime place to spot modern exotic cars, but the cars in Tokyo tended to be a lot more interesting. Here are just a few of the cars I managed to photograph during my stay.

Can anyone guess what this is?  I'm pretty sure it's American.


Video of the Week: Aston Martin DBR1 at Dijon-Prenois

Here is another video from Gregor Fiskens. The audio is not so great but the footage shows a lovely dice with a Maserati Birdcage.

I think the DBR1 is perhaps the prettiest of all 1950's sports cars. It's more Italianate and flowing than any Jaguar, more emotional than the Mercedes 300SLR, yet more understated and refined than any Ferrari. I would say the car it compares most closely to in looks is the Maserati 300S. But I happen to like the lines of the Aston more. Truly a wonderful machine!  At bottom is a photo I took of Dr. Simeone's DBR1 in Philadelphia.