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Brass Balls

This hillclimb footage is just insane. Hats off to this guy.


Video of the Week: F2 Onboard at the Arosa Hillclimb

The Arosa Hillclimb is small event held in Switzerland that I hadn't heard of til recently. This year will be its 8th running. There are quite a few onboard videos popping up, showing the breathtaking scenery and challenging curves that make me really want to visit there someday.

Here we have a Brabham F2 car being driven up the 7.8km hill. The driving is pretty conservative, but who cares?  The car, combined with the twisting country road lined with stone walls and wooden fences make it feel like a real step back in time.


Video of the week: How to drive an F1 car at speed on public roads

It's always cool to see historic racing cars run at speed on public roads, but what if those racing cars aren't so historic, as in the case of this 1992 Jordan F1 car - ex Eddie Irvine - being hustled up a hill on the Isle of Man? With classic cars, these videos serve as sort of a timewarp to a bygone past, but with a relatively modern F1 car (gosh it makes me feel old to think of a nearly 20-year-old F1 car as "modern") racing through closed public roads with no barriers, it certainly makes a thrilling yet incongruous sight! Is it just me, or could you easily mistake this road for Spa Francorchamps, circa 1967?

Let's see that again! In the rain!