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Brass Balls

This hillclimb footage is just insane. Hats off to this guy.


Video of the Week: F2 Onboard at the Arosa Hillclimb

The Arosa Hillclimb is small event held in Switzerland that I hadn't heard of til recently. This year will be its 8th running. There are quite a few onboard videos popping up, showing the breathtaking scenery and challenging curves that make me really want to visit there someday.

Here we have a Brabham F2 car being driven up the 7.8km hill. The driving is pretty conservative, but who cares?  The car, combined with the twisting country road lined with stone walls and wooden fences make it feel like a real step back in time.


Alberto Ascari wannabe spotted in Soho!

Alberto Ascari may be back from beyond the grave...and he wants attention.

Yesterday there were tons of cool cars out and about on the streets of Manhattan.  But this was by far the most unusual sight of the day.  I tried to find out more info about what this kit car / replicar was online, but to no avail.  So All I can say is it appears to have a 4 cylinder powerplant, and seems to be like a 3/4 scale replica of an early 50s Ferrari Grand Prix or F2 car.  It was certainly a cool toy, and very loud.  The guy behind the wheel was grinning for all the iphone cameras that greeted him at each stop light on Spring Street.  Clearly the guy craves attention.  Why else would you risk being squashed by a cab in order to drive a fancy go-kart on the streets of Manhattan?  But hey, I give the guy one bit of credit.  He's clearly doing it for the fun, because you can't pick up chicks in a monoposto!