Ok, just *one* more Mansell video

From Cleveland in 1993. Look at this epic battle between Nigel and Emerson Fittipaldi. Watching racing like this on TV was how I really fell in love with racing. Two F1 champions with decades of experience battling wheel to wheel lap after lap. No contact, no BS. Just perfect racecraft.



Weekend Watching: The First Canadian Grand Prix

Great period footage and editing from 1967 of the very first Player's Grand Prix of Canada, held at Mosport in the rain.


The Lion on the Hunt

Since commenter Pilote has now stirred my boyhood memories of Elkhart Lake 1993, I have to share Nigel's blisteringly fast qualifying performance at that race--at a track he'd never seen before.  What a man, and what a season he had!


The Lion and the F40

I was a massive Nigel Mansell fan from ages 12-15. He was my hero. And this photo of him testing the F40 at Fiorano just shows everything that was cool about him at the time! Quientessentially English but with a latin verve in the cockpit!


Brian Redman shows us the Targa Florio in a 914-6

Just found this great period footage of Brian Redman giving a practice tour of the Targa Florio in 1970. You have to love the way he threads his way through the village traffic.