Can you ever have too much piping?

I am a big fan of contrast piping on 1950s cars. I happen to think this looks fanatastic. But is there a point at which it starts to look like a birthday cake?? This blue over blue example strikes me as the perfect balance. But would we feel that way if it was red with white?PS sorry for the radio silence! I was away in Italy. I have some great new photosets in the works!


Which do we prefer?

I have been toying with the idea of repainting my GTV6 ever since I got it!  Those who have seen it in person can attest to the fact that the paint is...to use the technical term--fucked. I keep debating between keeping the gray rocker panel or going with a simpler cleaner look by eliminating the useless rub strip along the flank of the car. Or keep the rubs trip but still eliminate the gray. What do all of you out there in the internet think?


Weekend Watching

This wonderfully entertaining video shows teamwork at its finest.


Through the lens of Otis Blank

Budding pro lensman Otis Blank recently attended a cars and coffee event in New Jersey, and the results are breathtaking. Here are some of my favorites. Click HERE for the full photoset!


My first car

Going through some old CDs with no labels on them, I found this pic of my very first car, also pictured HERE. Back in those days (the mid 90s) this beautiful machine was worth less than 5 grand....Today, if I had held onto it, who knows...I can't say I miss that car, but it sure was a joy to own and drive (except in the snow!)