Unearthed!! Original color 8mm footage of the 1966 Nurburgring 1000km!

A friend of a friend posted this fascinating period footage on youtube! His now-deceased father shot this footage back in the 60s, and he believed it to be from the Le Mans 24 hours. In fact, the footage depicts a Le Mans style start (around 1:48), with drivers running to the cars, but the venue in question is actually the infamous Nurburgring! Among the plethora of fabulous cars present in this color footage are early Ford GT40s, Porsche 904s and 906s, Ferrari 330 P4s and 250LMs, as well as the Chapparal 2D that won the race, driven by Phil Hill and Jo Bonnier. The actual moment of victory is captured here in this film, taken from close to the start-finish line! The movie is silent, but if you are a classic car junky, it will get your heartrate going! I am also excited to say that this is the first place you're going to hear about this video, as it was just posted 2 days ago! Thanks for the tip, Gabe!


Automobiliac Video of the Week: the Italian Job Intro and Fan Tribute Video

I think the introduction to the original version of The Italian Job has to be one of the greatest car scenes ever committed to film. With its bright red Miura and Alpine roads, it perfectly expresses the sheer joy of motoring on an open, twisty road. There have been many tribute videos posted on youtube, but I wanted to share one made by a Honda NSX owner who not only did a good job re-creating the editing of the original, but actually shot his video on the SAME EXACT ROAD as in the film. Well done!

The original:

The tribute video:


Wednesday Morning Moment of Zen

Taken at the Bugatti Historic Grand Prix, Watkins Glen 2007


Guest column at Motoring Con Brio

Last week, I wrote a guest column for my friend over at Motoring Con Brio.

If you aren't already sick of hearing about my Alfa GTV6, check it out here. His photos came out spectacular!


Automobiliac Video of the Week DOUBLE FEATURE: Fangio in the Lancia D50 at Monaco and Alfetta 159 at Monza

In the early 70s, a fantastic documentary was made about the life and career of Argentinian maestro Juan Manuel Fangio. I was fortunate enough to have a father who owned this movie on VHS, and I watched as a kid until the tape got worn out.  While trolling through youtube, I discovered that someone had uploaded two of the movie's best scenes (sorry this version is in Spanish, but at least you can hear his actual voice).

In the first clip, Fangio, now retired, is reunited with his 1956 Lancia-Ferrari D50 at Monaco, and drives it flat out with some incredible onboard camera work and stellar editing. I get chills every time I watch this clip, and I have always loved the theme song that comes in at the end during the slow motion sequences.

In the second clip, Fangio tears around a deserted Monza circuit at sunset in his beloved 1951 Alfetta 159, in one of the most atmospheric parts of the movie.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!